Bringing Art Into Your Life



Our vision is to create art collections that enrich your home or business. Pizer Fine Art will select the finest art tailored to your needs and budget with an eye towards investment. For the art collector, our discreet consulting services will assist you in the creation or growth of your private collection. For the corporate client, our expertise can further brand your company through a visual medium.


process & Scope


To create the proper context for new artwork, we begin with a site visit to discuss your vision for your space.


Once the vision has been fully conceptualized, a comprehensive evaluation of available art is researched and images are gathered for you to view. This stage may also include previewing images at galleries and studios across town.


This is the process of selection, which may include securing artwork on approval (placed in the desired space for you to experience its impact).


Once the artwork is selected, arrangements are made for delivery, framing and any other logistics involved in the installation of your new artwork!


Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picaso

Photo by bcarrworks photography

Photo by bcarrworks photography


In 1990, Michele opened her own art gallery, Art Forms. It was the first gallery in the Southeast to promote artists who blended the disciplines between form and function to create art furniture. With her knowledge of interior design, she was naturally drawn to explore this concept.

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